Giving away stuff


I have a load of stuff (mostly clothes) I would like to give away somewhere as I am leaving Korea in 2 weeks. I was hoping there was a place like Salvation Army or something I can give them to. Does anyone know of anything like this?

Thank you in advance.

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There is a Goodwill Store in Hadan. There are also donation boxes everywhere for donation (to what, nobody knows). I think Goodwill in Hadan is the best place if it is stuff that is worthy for resale.

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there's a church in the kyungsung area which also has a second-hand store where they sell donated items to raise money for charities (primarily for a school in vietnam). the items which are not sold in their store are donated directly to those in need. the people there are all really nice and would appreciate any kind of donation you can give. 

it's close to kyungsung station. go out exit 5 and walk straight until outback. turn left down the small street, and at the next street, turn right. walk a bit and you'll see the church store on your left (after the franchise convenience store) which is just across from a coffee shop called "gelateria".  

happy donating!

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Thank you so much for both of your replies! I think I will go to the church in Kyungsung as it is closer to where I leave. (hadan is quite a trek). Do you know happen to know hours they are open? Also, do you know if they only accept clothes or other things as well?

sweet. Thank you!