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Sounds interesting

Good luck with that....

Got a website?

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Oh my, we already have

Oh my, we already have factionalism within the English Teacher Organizations?


Good grief.

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Just what the expat community

Just what the expat community in Korea needs, more dissension among English educators.  I'm sure FREED will make groundbreaking changes to Korean immigration laws, where ATEK failed to do so.  Luckily, nobody noticed either way.

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This is an old dog with

This is an old dog with new fleas. Take care of yourself people, no one else will.

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I represent myself with God's

I represent myself with God's help. I do not need this or any organization to interfere with my sojourn staus in this country. If you have a problem with the Korean government or your employer feel free to deal with it as long as the negotiations only affect you and no one else.

I certainly do not care about where this organization came from or what problem led some troublemakers to start another 'union' but keep this in mind-- do not try to make changes or represent those who do not want you meddling in their affairs.

The Korean people own this land not the westerner and they have the only say on what transpires here. If one does not like it they are free to seek employment in other countries more suited to their desires.

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what a joke

FREED-an organization set up to do what exactly? We have no rights here. This group thinks they can change Korea? Make our lives better? Even Korean workers have very few legal rights when it comes to their work. Either you put up with it here or you do not. It is that simple. If you get screwed the only avenue one has is the labor board-and they do help you. Other than that, there is nothing one can do about anything here.

The best thing to do here is to take care of yourself as already mentioned. Unless every teacher wants to join hands and refuse to work because our pay has actually gone down over the years and put an end to the reign of recruiters who are merely taking the money we should be making, there is no point in joining any group! Right now, money is the only issue worth discussing.

Part time jobs for 20 an hour-get out of here! 120 for an 8 hour day-are you kidding me! Jobs were alwasys consistently 30 per CLASS but now has changed to maybe 30 an hour at best but it is not per class-schools have you teaching the full hour in 2 shorter classes. Lets go people. Time to start the revolution!

All the newbies thinking they are making good money should have been here years ago. Then you would understand how we are being lead down to the slaughter with a Korean Hagwon owner ready to pull the rope on the guillotine. Unless people stop taking 20 buck an hour jobs, this is where teaching in Korea is headed. I have had words with recruiters here so I hope they listen as low balling us to get the contract at the hagwon is bad for their business as well as teachers will quit low paying jobs to take one that is better. Then, they must find another teacher but the school is now angry as they have no teacher and around we go.

Lets go recruiters, quit stealing our pay for merely posting an ad on here. If schools knew how easy your job is they would just do this as well. Take care of the teachers and they will take care of the school and the school will then take care of you! Pay us too little, and it all breaks down. It is that simple. Thats is all!

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I'm with LBS and JV here

It might be the first time we've agreed on something.This seems to be a battle of egos right now.I am more likely to support people who are not pushing a  personal agenda.There are plenty of other people who can help you here.For example lawyers, policeman, etc ,etc.I think on balance, they do a great job.Tell us why we need you, please??Can't F visas with all of their knowledge give advice to these people you talk about.Doesn't Pusanweb provide this function already?Dave's ESL, Blogs, Newspapers, and so on.I think most of these people should be intelligent enough to solve their own problems if they decide to travel.They can read, research, make calls, chat, join Facebook.Your post seems trivial to me, and your accusations about hacking ,are somewhat amusing.Don't give up your day jobs.Personally , I won't be seeking your help.When you post like this, it probably doesn't endear you to the masses.

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lastest news

The people at freed released another news letter and what a big whine. They also prove that they think they are somthing they are not an dhave authority that they do not.

People like the and ATEK need to go away and leave teachers and Korea alone. it would be far better fo rthem to just find another country to live in if they do not like this one.