Drinking Buddies

Hi, I arrived in Busan last Tuesday, and I'm looking for some drinking buddies.  I like most music (rock/indie, hip-hop and house/techno) and most sports (especially football/soccer). 

I am working in Gaegum, Busanjin-gu as an English teacher in a public school.  I am male, 25 years old and British.  If anyone is willing to take on a new recruit then send me a message.

Cheers, Vaz

Not so much these days

But I used to listen to Jehst, Kaleshnikov and some grime, UK garage and UK funky, like Wiley and Tempa T, stuff like that...

I'm always up for meeting new

I'm always up for meeting new people.  That is if you don't mind hanging out with an American  haha.  There's a few Brits and a decent Canadian among us, as well.

Send me an e-mail: [email protected]



thats gonna be  cool~~ hey

thats gonna be  cool~~ hey vanz, after the stress from teaching, maybe there would be a cool friday night to hang out with you guys, right? give a buzz alright? see ya!

Re: Drinking Buddies

O HAI.  So anyway I'm going to a gig tomorrow night (Friday) at Club Fabric (in Kyungsang) to see a Japanese alt-rock band called Moools play.  They sound pretty good IMO. 

Check it out here:  http://supercolorsuper.com/2010/05/24/moools/


If anyone is going, or wants to go and wants to meet up beforehand for some drinks LET ME KNOW :D

Peace x