Christmas plan?


Anything special for this Christmas?

It's kinda weird, but I can't get any of this "Christmas" sense anywhere this year.

Do you know any good dinner place? or activities, or anything fun??



Re: Christmas plan?

All I know is the Christmas display in Nampo-dong. That is where I am going tomorrow evening, however, it will be FREEZING! So if you go, dress accordingly. Other than that, if you are really into the religious side of Christmas, just search for any church, they should have something going on.

If you are more interested in Santa than Jesus, there is a bus driver dressed as santa in Daejeon. He has his bus all decorated and he wears the red suit and everything, but he is thin as a stick and has no beard. But still is great for a smile!

Re: Christmas plan?

I feel ya.

Been looking for events arround that have a christmas feel.  Something more than a bar with a couple christmas lights up.  Havent found anyone doing a get together.

As it is the last day any places in the city that are filled with peopel seeking holiday cheer?  Could be fun just to bump elbows with a group of people who want to have fun.