Busan dog café (Jangsan)


I've heard about this Busan dog café in Jangsan and read that its location is not very visible from the street. I know it's supposedly across from the 2001 Outlet then across from Mr. Pizza, above a small pet store on the 2nd floor... 

Forgive me for giving up so easily, but I don't know Jangnsan that well and don't live very close, so before I venture out again and waste my time (yes, I've already tried and obviously failed once), perhaps someone could give me more concrete directions. Any help would be very much appreciated! :)

Re: Busan dog café (Jangsan)

Let's say you're coming up from Jangsan subway exit #1.  Come up the stairs, as you reach ground-level to your right is a massive complex filled with businesses and what not.  So, stand at the top of the stairs, you'll see a coffee shop right in front of you (not sure of the name, there are so many), it's part of this complex.

Okay, assuming you're facing that coffee shop, scoop around the corner to the right of the building.  Don't go inside, just follow the sidewalk around.  You're walking up a street and along the sidewalk, keeping your eyes on the shop windows to your left.  You'll walk, say, no more than 10 meters (if that).  You should see a pet shop window with cute, furry little friends waiting for a home.  The pet shop and the dog cafe are one.  Go inside the pet shop and immediately you'll see some stairs in front of you leading up to the cafe.

Hope these directions help!