Apple/Mac Service?

I accidentally spilled a bit of wine onto the keyboard portion of my Macbook Pro and now a few of my keys feel sticky.  It works fine and the keys work but when I type it just feels like there's something underneath.  I just don't trust myself taking off the keys or doing any type of repair work.  Does anyone know of anywhere or anyone that can sort this issue out? 

Thank you for your help...

Re: Apple/Mac Service?

Whether you got your laptop locally or globally, you may contact a local Apple repair center on the phone to fix it; they will provide pickup service as well if you are out of town.  They will call your McBook pro an Apple "portable."  

Their address, office hours, and their phone number are below there:

#501, Seoungji BD, 
1163-10, Choryang 3-dong, 
Dong-gu, Busan

Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM
Sat: 10AM-2PM

TEL:  051-463-3512

Re: Apple/Mac Service?

There is an official apple service center near Busan Station. Any of the "apple" stores here have the address to the repair center.

Re: Apple/Mac Service?

Only one exists in Busan from the; between Seoul and Daejeon.  

The map to get to the Apple repair center, which is called Apple "certified service center 공인서비스센터"  from Busan KTX ST is here:

The distance is about 1 km which is .62 miles.  You can walk or take a cab for one minute. Ask to the driver 

"kyungnam yeochung geuncheo Apple computer center Seoungzi building kajuseyeo"   경남 여중 근처 애플 컴퓨터 센터 성지 빌딩 가주세요. 

which means "Please take me to the Apple computer center in Seoungii building nearby KyungNam girls' junior high."  It is on the fifth floor, room #501.


If you like to manipulate your malfunctioning Mac Pro keyboard with an handyman's skill, I would rather not ask to any for such a piece of art.