anyone recommend an inexpensive place for a large amount of printing?

Howdy folks, I'm working on my dissertation and I need a fairly massive amount of PDFs printed out, probably 100-150 docs, so about 1,500-2,000 pages double sided (reading off the computer screen for 5-7 hours a day is getting to me), so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good printing place that is relatively inexpensive. 

p.s. I realize that this is environmentally unsound, but I have tried to use computer only for environmental and financial reasons, but it's just not sustainable over the long haul (no pun intended).

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The majority of copy shops seem to be situated around universities. I think the going rate is about 10 won a page. They might do discounts for large orders, but can't be sure.

복사 is the Korean name for copying. There are a few across from Pukyong and Kyungsung universities, as well as the other universities in town.

printing or photocopying ?

If your paper needs black and white copies for binding, I think finding out from the PNU directories for a printing house of 논문제본.  If you simply need copied paper without binding, there's one next to the 1 FL main entrance in the same building of the PUFS central library.  If color photos are included, I would rather do that online and by mail long distance either to Seoul or overseas.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, been living here for a bit so I'm familiar with the places around uni's, I was looking for possibly a place a bit larger with the hopes of saving some cash..pretty much just need b&w not bound.Thanks again.