ShinKwang Hotmelt Co., Ltd.: Polymer Adhesives; Resin and Film

ShinKwang hot melt polymer adhesives are often chosen to help stick things together including other polymers. Hot Melt Polymer adhesives resins and films from ShinKwang Co., Ltd. are scientifically developed for stronger hold or easier coating onto a substrate. ShinKwang resins are developed for reliable performance in high-speed laminating or product assembly lines. Some also are found in consumer-level adhesives and hot melts.

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Would you like to play any instruments on the stage ?

Eric's Bar has a stage where you are welcome to show off any of your musical talents to your friends. Every Friday we have a Jam day and anybody can join. Bar is located at Bundang, near Miguem Station. On the stage, Rivers-9 Drum set, Fender Blues Jr tube amplifier and Ampeq bass guitar amplifier are prepared. 

Bring the guitars and join us.

See the Business Listings menu to get more information about this bar. 

Eric's Bar in Bundang

ERIC's BAR in Bundang

I opened a small and cozy bar located in Bundang Gyounggi-Do, where you can enjoy rock and blues music. We have Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Cocktails and Wine menus.

We also have a stage for live concert, where you are welcome to show off any of your musical talents.

Just come, have a drink, enjoy the music and meet some of the best friends. You won't soon forget.

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International Residents Cooking Contest


Repeats every day until Tue Aug 20 2013.
Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 12:00

I’d like to introduce an event "International Residents Cooking Contest".

This event will be held on Oct.3, and is one of the programs in "Slow-Food International Festival (2013 Asio Gusto)", that will be held from Oct. 1st - 6th.

In the contest, the participants cook a home country dish.

The winners get cash prizes along with organic products.

All the participants get prizes as well.

It's a great opportunity to mingle with other expats and enjoy various foods.



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learning driving

I was willing to learn driving.I desparetly need to learn. Any body know where is the proper place to learn driving in Korea? Any school or institution is fine.


Thanks in advance.

Icheon Ceramics Festival

I introduce Icheon Ceramics Festival

It opens Gyenggi Icheon and period is April or march

This festival  has been continued to be held since 1987

In festival

First we can look many kind of ceramic.( ex. clay ware , earthen ware , ston ware)

Second we can make ceramic in ceramic experience

Third  we can look samulnori(a folk music accompanied by four korean t

English and Korean class for mulitcultural families


Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 17:10

The Global Bridge Program is a government project aimed at fostering talented multi-cultural children and providing stimulating, supplementary classes in various fields, such as languages, math and science, art, and leadership. It was initiated by the Ministry of Education in 2010. 7 Universities have been selected as Global Bridge Program Centers nation wide. Hanyang University (Erica Campus) is currently the designated centre for running the language Program for children (aged 11 – 15) living in the Seoul, Kyunggi-do and Incheon areas.


  1. Program Outline



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Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-do Institute

Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-do Institute is one of the best known Taekwon-do schools globally, with a network of 14 locations in the US, Singapore, China and Korea. It was designated as 2009’s top school in the world by Mookas Media, the world’s largest martial arts media corporation. The institute was established in 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts by Grand Master Jae H. Kim, one of the most widely recognized and respected Taekwon-do instructors in the world. Grand Master Kim Mr.

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