Musician-Drummer in Daegu



Currently I am in Daegu, I moved from Geyonggido recently. I am looking to join a band. I don't have a kit, that means I pay to play in a fully set studio with kit and percussion. My musical interests are many and varied for example, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Indie, Shoe Gaze, Dream pop, Grunge, Avant-guarde, Punk, Psycho-billy. Not in to commercial rubbish. Certainly not K-Pop. I live in Centtal Daegu. Hit me up if you are looking for an animal drummer.



Lift Chair?

Hi, I am looking for a store that sells recliners that might have a lift chair.  These are recliners that lift the allow a disabled person to sit and stand easily by lifting the chair up.  Hopefully I won't have to go to a medical supply type store, they can get really expensive.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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