ARKpopPodcast #11 - Fandom Has Reached Critical Mass


Episode 11 remarks the amazing return of my normal voice, and we tackle something a little dearer to our hearts in the Free Talk.

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  • Despite his previous statements in direct contradiction, 2NE1 will perform their ballad “Lonely” on Inkigayo (because, duh).
  • TOP offered a role in upcoming drama “Our Happy Youthful Days”. We reminisce about his last role in a mainstream drama.
  • JYJ vs. KBS (hypocrisy abounds)
  • Alex to release his 2nd full length album on 05/24 (Noelle looks forward to more music to sleep to, I look forward to some good songs from Alex on his album, more Clazziquai, and more Horan.
  • BEAST releases FACT AND FICTION (We’re disappointed, but we accept that this is their sound “maturing”, but we wish they’d waited till their 2nd full length album).
  • J.Y. Park to hold his first fan meeting in 10 years
  • X-5’s “Fantasy” deemed unsuitable for minors due to lyrics.
  • ZE:A’s song “Be My Girl” is also deemed unsuitable for minors.
  • Blady (Black + Lady. I don’t know either) releases a single ahead of their debut album
  • 21-member A-Peace unveils “Lover Boy” MV
  • Seo Taiji and leejiah’s drama goes on
  • Miss A plans to release full length album next week
  • Gaeko from Dynamic Duo marries his gf of 5 yrs

Our Freetalk is something that’s been weighing on our minds for a good while now.  We decided to break down some of the Benefits and Drawbacks to the passion of the Kpop fandom at large.  We discussed it both from the perceived perspective of the artists themselves (using our empathy and our imaginations), and from our perspectives as somewhat older Kpop fans.

Lastly, we spotlight Dynamic Duo as our artist this week.  Made up of two members, Choiza & Gaeko, they are no strangers to the underground rap scene, having been 2/3 of disbanded rap trio C(ritical)B(rain)Mass, and even though they’ve achieved a certain level of commercial/mainstream success, they’ve done it largely without compromising themselves by appearing on variety and other programs.  Some of my favorite DD songs to follow:

Chulchek/Attendance Check ft. Naul of Brown Eyed Soul

Beyond the Wall ft. Supreme Team

Gone ft. Joohee of 8Eight (A part of the New Ways, Always songs)

Go Back/Confession


Guilty (Gaeko Sings!)


U-Turn ft. Verbal Jint

잔소리 ft. Simon Dominic (Supreme Team)

One CBMass song, though there’s a version with Epik High, the only one I could find for streaming did not include them:

CB Mass – Around the Neighborhood/동네 한 바퀴

And lastly, a song which helped me discover A TON of other underground rappers. It has 26 different rappers on the track, including Choiza & Gaeko:
Half Penny (remix) ft. Sean2Slow, Topbob, Yankie, Koonta, Tablo & Mithra of Epik High, Garion (MC Meta, Nachal), Double K, Bizzy, Verbal Jint, Gaknaguene (a. k. a. Superman Ivy), LEO KEKOA/L.E.O, Dok2, paloalto, Young GM a.k.a Bizniz, Nukupshan(넋업샨) (now of Soul Dive), MYK, The Quiett, Kebee, Fana, P-type, Deepflow, Addsp2ch, Ignito, Simon Dominic & E-sens (Supreme Team), Maniac (formerly of Uptown, Now of New Dynasty), Joe Brown

Opening Song: B2ST – Freeze

Insert Songs:
Aziatix – Cold
Wonder Girls – Anybody (feat. Dynamic Duo, SAN E, J.Y Park)
Closing Song: Urban Zakapa – Always Be Mine

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ARKpopPodcast - Episode 11 – Fandom Has Reached Critical Mass