ARKPop Pocast#26 - It's Over


And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming, with all three segments operating in full force this week, for better or for worse.

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  • Real News
    • Space Big Star Kim Heechul enlists in the military.
    • Sooyoung’s elder sister described to the news this week the accident that they both suffered. In the interview she relates that she genuinely feared for her life and that of her sister’s, so I doubt the injury is as trivial as SM’s release made it sound.
    • Soribada & Mnet accused of illegally selling music internationally.
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
    • U-KISS returns with their amazing second album leading with the title track NEVERLAND (arguably one of the weakest songs on their album). Their music video is almost at 1 million views, so go, keep watching.
    • Dalmatian rumored to make their return in October as a 5-member unit. ( Rapper Dari was enlisted into the army during their time off.)
    • JYJ to release teaser for “In Heaven” featuring Song Jihyo.
    • M.Street returns after a three year absence with “Loosen the Necktie”
    • Bella releases “Get Down”
    • Bobby Kim hints at the return this fall of Buga Kingz, and we all rejoice.
    • April Kiss or “female 2PM” as they wish to eventually become known as debuts with “Bus Stop”. The conversation gets derailed here, I’m sorry.
    • SLIM (Sunlight in the Morning) debuts with “She’s really my girl”
    • N-SONIC to debut with Super Boy but prior to that they were to appear on Infinity Girls and Hot Shot to show off their variety skills.
  • Meanwhile in Japan:
    • SMTOWN in Japan to be streamed on Facebook
    • CNBLUE makes their major label debut but is unable to perform due to not having the right visa.
    • TOP to feature in Gummy’s MV for her Japanese debut.

Free Talk:

We tackle a perilous topic, that of the phenomenon of Aegyo.  While the idea exists in several different cultures, namely Japan’s, for Korea, it seems to have morphed into something more powerful.  Aegyo is a display of overwhelming cuteness, usually by females but males can as well.  This discussion was inspired by the article Aegyo, Oppas and Dirty Old Men on Seoulbeats which in turn was inspired by two articles on The Grand Narrative.
If you don’t know what Aegyo is, here are some tips from a master.

Obviously the issue of child sexualization is a tough one, which is far easier to ignore than to comment on, but when pictures like this one exist it’s difficult to let it slide. (She’s 15.)

Note the contrast between her facial expression and her body language.

We are of the opinion, and the articles linked above agree that this cover of sexuality behind a sheen of cuteness is aggressively despicable and leads the more naive astray while confuses men who are unable to admit that they are sexually attracted to our “pure” female idols due to both society’s constraints and the fact that they give off a childlike image. Then there is the fascination with making grown women act like children and the inherent image of submission and weaknesses, and of course the idea that in the next 30 seconds that same woman is acting sexy, leads to a dangerous confusion. The fact that every move on the industry is decided on by men often old enough to be fathers and grandfathers of these artists complicates things even more.

We'd rather see this than the above. At least this is honest. And she's 19.


Kpop Crystal Ball

We do this because we care.

To further get ourselves in trouble, we turn to the future of KARA’s career. Noelle spent a long time on this segment and I don’t want to take away from her hard work.
Break It – Debut Song



Artist Spotlight: Miss $
Signed to Brand New Stardom, this duo of rappers, Yumi and Hyeyoung debuted in 2008 and have had three releases, one single featuring Nam Gyuri called “Don’t Cheat”, a full length album in 2009 called S Class featuring Nemo as the lead vocalist. and a mini-album in 2010 Miss Independent. That mini album was followed up with a repackage featuring Jung Seul Gi’s vocals in a cover of Vibe’s “Promise You”. Their song from this mini-album “Over” was covered by label-mates Block B, which drew attention from fans of that group.

Don’t Cheat

Older and None the Wiser ft. Jung Seul Gi

Promise U ft. Jung Seul Gi

Over ft. Ji Eun

It’s Not Over (Block B/Miss $ mashup)

Opening song: U-KISS – NEVERLAND

Insert Songs:
Verbal Jint – Luv Songz (feat. C-Luv)
KARA – Mister
KARA – Pretty Girl
KARA – Lupin
KARA – Go Go Summer!
KARA – Break It
Miss $ – Don’t Cheat (feat. Nam Gyuri)
Miss $ – Over (feat. JiEun)
Block B – It’s Not Over

Closing Song – BeBe Mignon – Doo Be Doo Ba

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