Clinic/Hospital in Changwon?

Wondering what is a good Doctor/clinic or hospital in the Changwon area that has English speaking staff  ? 

Canada Blowout at Changwon's For Foreigner Bar

Friday, July 1, 2011 - 19:00

Come and celebrate Canada's 154th Birthday with all your favorite hoser, eh.
We'll be rocking out to some of the finest music and drinks Canada has to offer (which isn't much) come check out the ritualistic chugging of Maple Syrup and beaver chasing (pun intended) at your favorite Changwon hangout. I even hear Uncle Sam might clear out the bar to lay down a makeshift ice rink.......Uncle Sam?......well if that doesn't entice you maybe the drink specials will.

1. Canadian Club (from the great city of Windsor, ON) will be 3,000won for a shot.
2. Free indian buffet - starts at 7pm (Chicken curry with Nan)
3. Ladies get 2 free coupons (vodka, gin, rum only) if they order their first drinks before 11pm.

We hope to see all our favorite Canucks and adopted Canucks (Rudder?) out to celebrate Canada's 154th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!!!!

Beer Pong 'World Championships' @ For Foreigners Bar (Changwon)

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 22:00

The Headaches @ For Foreigners Bar (Changwon)

Saturday, June 18, 2011 - 23:00


The Headaches play loud and hard rock and roll.

The Headaches are a high energy rock and roll band hailing from Busan, South Korea. They mix punk, grunge, and 70's blues rock into a potent cocktail that's guaranteed to sear your skin.

Art Museums, Clubbing and World Events- All in a week!

Tuesday 3rd May, 2011

I have been away from my blog for the last week as I've been running around trying to get things sorted out and packed before we head off to Spain tomorrow for a weeks worth of Tapas, Vino, Sol and the beautiful Spanish culture.

Last Tuesday, Tiger, Emma and I went to to Changwon Art Museum, to spend the afternoon checking out Modern Art. There was an exhibition by Korean Artist Kim Young Won and entry only cost us W3,000 (so cheap!!!)

Art Exhibition Banner

Art Exhibition Banner

Kim Young Won Art Exhibition

Kim Young Won Art Exhibition

On the wall outside the Art Museum


Two people in search of Otters and other crazy animals

Shoe Repair

Is there a quality shoe and leather repair shop in Busan that can replace leather soles with leather soles, not the plastic junk they use in the streetside huts? I have some good men's business shoes that I need taken care of.

Also, are there any stores that sell men's dress shoelaces? I've had a devil of a time finding those in Changwon.

Gold Wings English School

Gold Wings English School offers one-on-one and small class instruction in English grammar, presentation, reading, testing, and conversation.  We employ both native Korean and English speakers.  We also utilize Skype for distance classes.

We can tailor classes for higher-level English instruction, such as English literature, essay writing, and business conversation.

Please visit us at our website - - for additional information.

Wing Animation

Wing Animation is a full-service design and audio facility located in Changwon, South Korea.

Services offered include:

  • Animation (3D Studio Max / Adobe After Effects)
  • Audio Recording / Mixing / Mastering (Pro Tools)
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere)
  • Design / Illustraton / Photo Editing (Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop)
  • Web / Multimedia Design (Adobe Flash / Dreamweaver)

Previously located in San Francisco, California, Wing Animation has been working with clients to improve their advertising and marketing for over 15 years. We also have native Korean speakers on staff to work with you on your advertising message.

Please contact us for additional information -

Web :

Skype : christopher.winganimation

Email :

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