Looking for Azo or Korean UTI meds

Oh joy, I have a urinary tract infection and I need something called "Azo" for discomfort. (The chemical name is Pyridium)  Does anyone know what the Korean name would be? Do they even sell it here? I just got back from the doctor who prescribed 7 different pills and none of them are what I need. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Driving licence office address for Changwon area (50cc scooter & car )

Dear Friends,

I would like to have driving licence for 50cc scooter and car driving.

I am staying in Changwon city.

What is the driving licence office address for Changwon area and how to go there from Changwon?

Please give your valuable reply with detailed address and phone numbers possibly.

Also suggest steps to get driving licence on urgent basis.

Thanking you.

50CC scooter and car driving licence procedure

Dear Friends,

I am interested in 50cc scooter licence and car driving licence.

I am new in Changwon korea and I dont have my own country's driving licence so far.

1) Please give your opinion on 50cc scooter driving licence process + scooter registration process + insurance company and process + name plate process + driving licence office in Changwon or nearby changwon address.

2) Also please share how to get car driving licence in Changwon korea as I dont have my previous driving licence and also is there any english driving school in Changwon or near to Changwon where I can learn driving the car and trafic rules?Where to attend the examination of car driving and how much time required from start to end procedure of getting the car driving for beginner?

Thank you very much.



Changwon! (from Busan Awesome)


Sangnam, Changwon

Changwon is a nice little town located to the west of Busan in Geyongsamnamdo province. It’s a nice little day trip from Busan and has a more relaxed vibe and a small central downtown area.

How to get there and around

Dog Parks in Changwon, Masan, Jinhae?

Hey all - my wife and I just adopted a great little dog from a shelter near our house, and we're looking for a fenced-in park to do some training.  Are there dog parks or dog-friendly parks around the Changwon area?



Poko Lambro's Final Changwon Show @ International Pub

Saturday, March 10, 2012 - 21:00

March 10 - International Pub in Changwon - What can we say about this place? THE liveliest, loudest, and most giving crowd we've played for in Korea! So many special thanks for the hospitality of Soon Young and Jason, and all the Changwonites! Y'all really made us feel welcome and loved these three years and we're gonna miss you! Not to mention the food is amazing and it's always good to see Henrik Erasmus there!

Accommodation in Wonju or Pyeongchang

Hey people!

We are going to a trout festival in Pyeongchang during lunar newyears.  Does anyone know of nice and cheap budget motels there?  Please, help!!!

Thank you very much.

Paying for Medical checkup and apartment maintenance/water

Could someone please advise their experience/knowledge regarding payment for medical checkup which is necessary to obtain the ARC.

I was charged 89,000 won which was deducted from my first salary.

I was also charged 35,000 won for water/maintenance on my apartment, which is going to be deducted monthly. Is this the norm?

This is my first time in Korea so not sure what is the usual. Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

Open Mic Night @ For foreigners bar, Changwon

Friday, November 18, 2011 - 21:30

Welcome, welcome, welcome! The kind folks at For Foreigners are inviting you to the inaugral open mic night in their fine hostelry.

You can play guitar! You can sing! You can speak poetically! You are a funny motherlicker with jokes coming out of your speak box! What are you doing sitting on your ass wasting your talents? Come down for 9:30pm and indulge yourself.

There will be a 1st prize of a 100,000 Won bar tab, 2nd prize of 50,000 and 3rd prize of 30,000 plus drink promotions (for anybody who just wants to watch) between 9:30 and 12:00 (3,000 won for vodka, gin and rum mix).

So bring your friends, instruments and moxy!

Comment below or pm Niall Ruddy if you will perform.

University Positions- the dream job

Please, Give us a break!

Adverts should say: Moron with no self worth required to manage classes of variable quality

Qualities: loser with limited social skills; peon with few teaching skills or team ethic.

Qualifications: Master in Toss all

Job specification- to understand that nobody wants you there, globalization isn't important and neither are you. Therefore, you are an underling and will soon become a pointless relic. Do the bare minimum and know your place within the organizational structure. Do not have any ideas!!

Benefits- absolutely pathetic- esp the salary, housing allowance and travel. No doubt some sucker will agree to it.

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