Kelly Family Press Release on the ‘BBC Dad’ Viral Video

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Today, my family and I conducted a select set of interviews, with the BBC for the international audience, with the Wall Street Journal for the American audience, and with the Korean media for the local audience here. Here is our statement on the video incident. Thank you. Robert E. Kelly

“My family and I would like to thank our many well-wishers. We are just a regular family, and raising two young children can be a lot of work. Because of that, it seems that the video has resonated with parents around the world, and we are flattered at the many gentle sentiments about our children. Thank you. We love them very much, and we are happy that our family blooper brought some laughter to so many.

Carrier Portable Air Conditioner

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Who in their right mind would want to buy an air conditioner in this cold snap we're having right now???" And... you'd be right. But I'm about to move soon and need to unload some things from my current place of residence.

So, with that said, I urge you to temporarily leave this winter wonderland we're currently in and remind yourself of the record-breaking heat wave we had last summer. The one where stepping outside meant being burnt to a crisp and your fan just wasn't cutting it in the summer heat.

That was exactly the moment when I bought this portable air conditioner last summer. It proved to be a lifesaver. All you need is an open window and the air conditioner works after sealing the window. The air conditioner conveniently doubles as an air filter for the microdust we've been experiencing all year long.

Here is the link from where I bought it:

Part Time or Full Time English Teacher (1day a week, 5days a week) F visa only


We need a part-time English teacher. (one day a week, Thursday preffered)

But, we can offer you 5-day-full time jobs as well.

If you are interested, send an email to us.

Resume should be attatched. Thank you.

Location: Sasang-Gu, Busan

Time: from 2:10 to 5:30 (4-5 classes, more classes can be added if you want)

Payment: 30,000 won per class (each class would be 40 minutes)

Cheap price!!! Very nice Heater on sale


Excellent condition hardy used heater for sale

Price: 15,000 KRW

If interested please send me message or email me.


Part Time English teacher needed (3 days a week)

3 days a week.

Monday 2 classes 2:15 and 3:15

Wednesday 2 classes 2:15 and 3:15

Friday 2 classes 2:15 and 3:15

W30,000 per class.

The school is about 3 mins walk from Jaesong Station.

This job will continue all the way till March and may become 3 classes per day once the school vacation starts.

You can still apply if can only work one or two of the avaliable days, but someone who can work all three would be preferred.

No preparation. All materials will be provided.

The owner can speak fluent English, the school is relaxed and the students are well behaved.

You must have a f-6 visa to apply for this job.

Please call 01045991978 to speak direct to the owner.


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

Items for sale ^^

Different items for sale 1. TV 38 inch working well . 80 000 won 2. Hot plate almost new 15 000 won. 3. Hand mixer new . 15 000 won 4 .Microwave 25 000 won 5. Travel bag 20 000 won 6. Very nice traditional gun lighter 40 000 won . If anyone interest , feel free to contact me after 4 pm on 010 4317 4464

Looking for vocalist who love metal music.



This is "J" from "Redcline".

"Redcline" find a singer who love metal music that we make from Busan.

If you want to sing and can sing our music, send a mobile message promptly.

Reference music and show at online, Please find "Redcline" on Youtube and Soundcloud.


010-3794-0861 "J"

★Looking for who love MUSIC & KIDS teachers!! (Haeundae, Busan)★



Hello to teachers out there!


This is Thumb music & english academy, located near a beautiful Haeundae beach at Busan, South Korea.

We are looking for foreigner teachers to teach English to groups age 5 to 8 or provide a private lesson to Elementary students at afternoon time.

As you can notice from our name, we are a music academy who aims to boost children's interest by providing classes in English.

Therefore we are primarily interested in teachers with a music degree.

However, we welcome any candidates who has great interest and knowledge in music.

Since you'll be teaching mostly preschoolers(or elementary kids), we expect you to be experienced in teaching this age group. We also expect you to be a kid-lover.

That being said, we guarantee you a full autonomy in developing your own curriculum.

We also will respect your teaching style.

Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

Big Sale! Winter Sweater

Hello, I would like to offer TBJ winter sweater just 8000 won. It is still pretty like new. Its size is 100 / L. I sell it at cheap price. If you are interested, please freely contact me through message/contact email. Thank you.

Feb~Mar,2019 in Busan, Daegu,Changwon, Geoje, Pohang,JinJu cities in GyeongSangD


======Busan, Daegu,Changwon, Geoje, Pohang,JinJu cities in GyeongSangDo=====


[Feb-75] Location: Busan city


Teaching level: Kinder-elementary

Working hrs: 9am-6 pm

Starting date: Mid Feb~ Mar 1st, 2019

Salary: 2.4 mil kwon~ nego

Full benefits(air ticket, single housing, medical insurance, end of bonus and visa sponsor,National pension, holiday )


Does the school pay monthly contributions into a Pension Plan? : 
Are you a licensed recruiter? : 

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