Your Neck of the Woods: Paul Ajosshi's Itaewon

-= Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe =- Itaewon, right on Namsan, claims about 22,000 people as permanent residents and is frequented not only by the US troops stationed near by, but by millions looking to enjoy it's acclaimed night life and other less-than-reputable offerings. Because of this draw, several international restaurants have sprung up over the landscape, providing visitors with a diverse range of flavors to choose from - something that this episode's guest was more than pleased to share. Over the years, I've made it a point to avoid this little area of Seoul because of its bad reputation; however, Paul Ajosshi, as he's known on the Internet, calls Itaewon home. "The Mecca for foreigners, the ghetto for foreigners, the den of inequity," he tells me as we kick off our discussion of experiences and those terms all ring true in my ears. All of my previous visits to Itaewon at night have seen scores of youths lining up to drink the night away. Seeing as how Paul has lived in Itaewon and the immediate area for eleven years, he's had ample time to explore the back streets and find the true gems of the neighborhood -- which is exactly what I was hoping for. Read Paul's Blog here: read the entire YNOTW Post here: Music License Agreement: -= WEB SITES =- Twitter: Facebook: Blog: The Travel Channel: The Vlog Channel: Podcast:
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