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For more about me, my life in Korea, and my travels around the world, please subscribe to the RSS Feed for my blog at Add me on Facebook at Find me on Twitter at The hostel in Salento where we stayed is called La Seranna, sand we loved it. It was very hard to leave after 5 nights, but we had to keep mobbing on our journey. We are now further south in Popayan, and very happy to be here as well. Lucas was an extremely shy and timid dog when he arrived at the hostel, but over time he has become better around people. He likes to be rubbed on his belly in the sun. He also likes to hang out around people and eat human food. Thank you for following my travels, and see you in the next video ^_^
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2년 동안 한국에 살고 있어요. 엄청 좋아요~ 요즘 한국어 공부하고 있어요. 그런데 잘 모르겠어요~. 그리고 저는 캐나다에서 왔어요. 정말 반가워요! 여행, 음악, 박물관, 영화, 미술, 음식, 책, 한국어 좋아해요....
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