Last Day of Dreadlock Pulling (T.Pet: pt.9)

twitter: @wilkinebrutus Teacher's Pet Series: part 9 Far too many memorable moments! Far too many existential instances! This humanistic experience created a major impact—my students and I will forever cherish the rapport and love effortlessly created in my two years. We've managed to put physical and cultural differences aside and focus on several goals. There were some difficult times, but all in all, it made teaching quite fun. Nothing was forced—just pure spontaneous affection and admiration. It's quite difficult to not look at my experience in Jeju island from a racial lens—it certainly exist: the dreadlocks, the "chocolate" skin, the bigger; double-lid eyes, the facial and body shape, the hyphenated-Americanism—these are new territories to take in and comprehend for the regular day-to-day Korean in Jeju island. My students: their natural disregard for most outer influences (e.g media, hearsay) actually made them seem quite mature. They were mentally open to create their own experience with me and then perhaps compare and contrast at a later stage in their lives. They certainly had formulated opinions about people of color, but in person, nothing was more apparent than the blank slate. I had the historical responsibility to shape or reshape their view about foreigners in general. optimism and social abilities made things easier. Keep in mind: my goal, with the 'Teacher Pet Series,' was to highlight the goofy relationship with students, not to demonstrate personal methods of teaching EFL. I fully understand the importance of all children—a genuine investment in their lives is vital to global stability. The perks: I obviously have other endeavors, but I've taken English teaching quite serious. I strongly believe in 100 percent effort in any profession. It has allowed me to travel, acknowledge the oneness of all humanity, and critically examine the world by escaping my bubble. We must experiment with the unknown and examine the hidden realms to comprehend the absurdities of life. Onelove! --Wilkine Brutus
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