Gallery Talk: Collecting Art in North Korea

Filmed June 7, 2012

What do foreigners residing in Pyongyang do when they are not at work? During the five years Katharina Zellweger spent in North Korea (2006 - 2011), she was asked the question many times. For her, many Saturday afternoons were spent scouting for North Korean propaganda posters on a wide variety of topics, from agricultural to public health, politics or culture. In North Korea, these posters are commonly displayed on billboards and panels throughout the country similar to advertising in the industrialized world, or, depending on the message, distributed to schools, factories, cooperative farms, and offices.

Katharina Zellweger will discuss her experiences collecting poster art in North Korea and talk about some of the projects and campaigns they represent.

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Cast: The Korea Society

Tags: Korea, North Korea, Art, Propaganda, Politics and Culture