A 9/11 Generation? Ground Zero!

http://www.vanguardelement.com http://www.twitter.com/wilkinebrutus Today marks the 10th year anniversary of which nearly 3,000 innocent civilians lost their lives in New York and surrounding areas, including Washington DC, Shanksville, Pa. "Community, Identity, Stability" - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Overall, I definitely have a more utopian view of life, but during the 9/11 attacks, dystopian attitudes emerged and I had to brace myself for the changes to come. In 2001, I was a junior at Forest Hill High school in West Palm Beach, Florida—the math class, my greatest enemy, surrendered its throne to the 9/11 attacks. I woke up [yep, slept after my math quiz] to cries of shock and dismay as my colleagues turned the volume up. The students screaming in the school hallway were louder than the television—we opened the door and saw boys and girls, from all grade levels, skate on their tears to the front of the school. School authorities tried to gain control of the emotional atmosphere—the tragedy was too catastrophic to send commands. The bell rung and students were obviously reluctant to return to their classrooms—a part of South Florida (Miami in Particular) is known as the "6th borough." It's due to the large amount of New Yorkers that flew south to settle. Those students, rushing to get home, were emotionally responsive to the possibility of the death of their relatives that worked in the World Trade Center. It felt surreal—I couldn't completely relate to their immediate suffering because the tragic event didn't quite settle in yet and besides, I was born and raised in South Florida and didn't have friends or relatives at the twin towers (World Trade Center). I was definitely saddened and felt a strong sense of hopelessness. The All-American togetherness arrived at a later point and soon enough, the country demanded answers and unfortunately, misguided revenge...(read the rest at The Vanguard Element. http://www.vanguardelement.com
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