Busan Port Boat Tours

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 The Purpose of Saenuri: Our Port Guide Ship

Our Port Guide Ship, Saenuri, allows visitors to enhance their understanding of the port operations and administration of Busan Port. Passengers on board can see first-hand the port facilities ofBusan Port, including the passenger terminal, general piers, and container terminals, and learn about our port facilities, our role as a transshipment hub, and our future development plans.

 History of the Saenuri, Port Guide Ship
Vessel name
The Saenuri
Total tons
56 tons
Horse power
Maximum speed
27 knot
Date built
June 1997
the number of boarding
72(4 crews, 68visitors)
 Boarding Introduction
Sailing course
Costal Passenger Terminal → International Passenger Terminal → Jasungdae Container Terminal → UamContainer Terminal → New Gamman Container Terminal → Gamman Container Terminal → Shinsundae Container Terminal → Jo Islands → Hanjin Heavy Industry → Costal Passenger Terminal
Target for boarding
Special target
Students in elementary schools in Busan
- vacation period (for about two months)
General target
At least 10 group visitors can be aboard; those who formally apply for boarding 
Boarding place
Hold of a ship in front of Sumir Park of the Coastal Passenger Terminal of Busan Port in Joongang-dong, or hold of a ship for Gujeh, Jangseungpo
How to get here
Subway (Line no. 1)
Walk to the BPA from the exit no. 2 of the “Joongahng-dong” subway station. It takes about five minutes. 
Bus line
Take bus no, 13, 507, 88-1, 11, 70, 101, and 109 to get off at the Coastal Passenger Terminal of Busan Port
phone number