YouTube)Oct29)Yoga Forearm balance practice-Vrschikasana/scorpion pose

Oct 29)start my practice(I call it ‘PRACTICE’ not ‘training’ or ‘workout’) with 90min yoga practice – inversion/ specially working on ‘Vrschikasana’ = scorpion pose.
Using starp(as you can see on the video) helps a lot to keep my elbows in which are extremeley important for not putting weight on your joints(shoulder,elbow,wrist,…) which might lead you to injury. after you understand how to mintain proper alignment and egage youur lats to be stable it is much easier to go to other techniques.

Since I started to work on my handstanding on March this year i’ve been improved a lot and have learned a lot that I can use for other things not only for yoga but calisthenics, gymnastic, kettlebell and deadlift. it is always the most important thing to start from really basic techniques and build strong foundation even if it seems like you never improve. please trust me just keep working on it, be patient, trust yourself, practice hard but smart. putting a lot of time on your fundermental technique will pay you back.

for me the hardest part for handstanding practice was my lack of mobility on my shoulders and chest and of course my middle spine(which are working with chest) and it was’t even that bad compare to other guys who are doing weight lifting cos i don’t do any isolated excercise and only doing full body excercise specially a lot of body weight training and have been practicing BJJ(jiu-jitsu) for more than 10 years.

But when I started handstanding I realized how bad my chest and shoulder mobility was and i worked a lot on them.

One of the best way that you improve on something is finding your weakest part and keep working on making that as your strong part than i promise that you will see ‘DROPPING JAW’ improvement on what you work on.

Giving all my gratitude to my awesome yoga teacher ‘Mindy Sisco’!!



Simon Kang