Your first…first

Today was a very special day. It was your first trip to the doctor, even at only 4 weeks and 1 day (we think). You are the little black spot inside of that white oval near the top of the picture.

Your doctor is a nice woman named Dr. Shin. She spoke a little English and gave us a cute book to keep track of your growth (and mine)

She said you were 2mm big. She said, “That dot is your preg.”

We already love you, our Preg.

Your Dad has nicknamed you little elephant (they are for good luck).

He wants to take a picture of you everyday so we can watch you grow.

Today is Day 16 we think.

Eunee is our little goat. She too went to the doctor today. She was poked too, but with a needle for her shots.

She knows you are in there little Elephant. Since yesterday, she has been lying nonstop on my belly…she wants to keep you warm.

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