you never stop learning

Well after moving into what (I hope) will be my permanent apartment I have been able to properly unwind and get settled. #504 is starting to feel like home and just needs a few more personal touches.

We did this weekend in style. Spent the Saturday on the beach, a little slice of heaven. Tucked between rolling, lush mountains, Tanya, Kym and I met up with some new friends and spent some much needed time relaxing. The designated beach season is over at the end of August so we essentially had the white sand all to ourselves - huge plus. That said, a few families ventured out and the kids were too cute for words fighting over the yellow inner tubes. Dancing was on the agenda for Saturday night and we went hard. We rendezvoused with our fellow EPIK teachers at Keno-Eye in the Kyungsung Dea University district and had a blast. Right behind the DJ booth there was a chalk board - you created the play list, genius!
Rolled out of bed Sunday and forced myself to make the much needed trip to excursion I swear took at least one year off my life. Lesson: do not go to big box stores on the weekend. Ever. After 2 hours trying to navigate through the overflowing aisles, Tanya and I proudly sauntered up to the cash desk only to discover you cannot use a regular Visa, only your Costco credit or cash. Steam was pouring out my ears - this would have been helpful to know before we started our shop. In the end we were able to access our Canadian accounts and all was fine, and I able to take my $30.00 brick of Parmesan cheese home with me. SCORE.

Now, I am at school midway through working week 2 and I am starting to find my footing. I am in limbo somewhere between culture shock and the honeymoon phase of this journey. Living in a foreign country, in a city where I am a visible minority as brought a whole new meaning to the sentiment 'take each day for what it is.' I am constantly learning and acquiring tricks to make things easier and find great solice in little personal victories (i.e. successfully reloading my subway card - alone!).

Cheers to new beginnings and ongoing education.