"you make it sound like destiny"

As I sit here, clicking away at my school computer, I do some fast math. Only 54 more days until I am back in the motherland you say!? Madness!

I've spoken about relationships a lot this year. Some have grown stronger, some disintegrated and some surprised me. Perhaps the ones that have surprised me the most are the ones that I have forged here. I'm sure I am not first to use compare these friendships to family, but they are. I knew early on that these bonds were going to be unique, but moving through the final weeks of our contract, each get together is more meaningful than the last. I attribute this to the unanimous realization to the fact that we are approaching the end of something great, something that cannot be duplicated.

I don't think that there are any words that can fully drive my point home. August 13, 2011 will be the epitome of bittersweet. To those that met me, got me, backed me and loved me - don't go.

"Smile at the chance to see you again..."
Foster the People - Miss You
Haeundae Beach Sunset - Busan