You know Korea is your home when... (part 8)

Presenting part 8 of the "You Know Korea is your home when..." list. See part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7 for even more funny stuff.

Without further ado...

You know Korea is your home when:

  • You see a group of foreigners and conclude they look fat.
  • You win an argument with an ajosshi.
  • It's normal to see kids walking on the streets unaccompanied after 10pm on a school night.
  • Pigs promoting pork products no longer seems unusual.
  • You argue with a restaurant's staff over why they can't serve you something - in Korean.
  • It takes more than a minute to think of something you miss from home.
  • While out with friends, you notice the sun coming up - then follow them when they go for breakfast.
  • You see a Korean woman with B-cups and think 'My God those are huge!'
  • You go to a Western restaurant and ask 'where's the kimchi?'
  • You have no idea who or what a Snooky is, or why 'The Situation' is capitalized.
  • You create your own Korean slang.
  • You see a product with no Korean on it and you do a double-take.
  • You actually begin to get along with the ajumma.
  • You use more Korean curse words than English ones.

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