Yook-sam building teacher! (field trip)

 It's been a while since my school went on a field trip and so we finally went on one last week. Our destination was the infamous 63 Building in Yeoido. This was my second time venturing to the building, as I visited it a while back with me ex.

As for this field trip I wouldn't say it was the best, as the building really only offers so much. However, the kids seemed to have a good time. Immediately we went to the top and enjoyed the view.

Thankfully, it was a beautiful clear morning when we arrived so the view was amazing. Seeing Seoul like this sure does remind you of where you live and what a highly developed place it is.

 After our fun times wondering around the top of the building, we went back down to the Imax theater. Here we watched a 3D movie about dinosaurs, which I thought was interesting. However, it seems most of the movies we watch on field trips are about dinosaurs, so I think we all have good knowledge of them now.

The kids were hungry after the movie and so we stopped by the cafeteria to take over the seats and grab a bite to eat. The kids brought their packed lunches and the teachers quickly bought something and ate it. Seems like the management of the building didn't want us to linger too long in the cafeteria.

Then we moved on to the aquarium, which is actually quite small. Here the kids ran amuck looking at the tanks of fish and other sea life. We enjoyed the synchronized swimming performance along with one involving seals.

 I think the kids got the most kick out of the small Doctor Fish tanks set up. This is where they put their fingers into a small tank and the fish nibbled on them.

 It was a fun field trip and not too exhausting like ones in the past. However, I think the group could have benefited from time spent in the nearby river park, as it was a gorgeous day outside. Wondering around the halls of a building is fun up to certain point.

 We will go on another field trip next month, yet I don't know where it will be. I have to say I have been with these kids for almost exactly two years now and they for sure have grown on me. I can't believe that in about 5 months I will be saying goodbye to them, as they move up a grade. I certainly hope they don't forget about me as they get older.