Yeoncheon Herb Village

My husband surprised me with a short babymoon second trip to herb village.
I guess he was tired of me complaining and being fussy most of the time, and wanted me to shut up and relax. Being pregnant is good after all....

He proposed Herb village located in Yeoncheon.
It's near.. i mean really near to North Korea border.
Few metres away from North Korea, okay.
Can you see the map?

The area is further up north, near DMZ area that we went before.
Anyhoo, this herb village is one of the place to celebrate arrival of Autumn.
As we made our way, we saw several army trucks driving past by us.
And these are not training army, the real army.. (shivers..)

When we reached Herb village, amazingly there were many local Korean family visited the place.
Erm.. what army? It's so damn peaceful here... Families bringing babies and kids, couples, school kid trip and so on.
There's even pension house for those who need a night stay.
However, no outside food and picnic allowed in this area.

Entrance fees with free soap!

With a small entrance fee, this very beautiful relaxing place is my much needed rest.
Flowers, gardens and river combination is so eye soothing.


The lavender smell just calmed me down.
There's even herb jimjilbang inside, but I prefer not to be naked with strangers, thank you.
Words cannot express how serene this place is, just enjoy my pictures, okay.
A very nice gateway from Seoul stressful life.

Can you see my big-biggety-bump-bump-bump stomach?
I'm in 3rd trimester already!

Believe it or not, background of Imjingak river, yo.