Work and Friends

We're in the lab every Saturday from 9am. Usually we can leave in the afternoon sometime, but when things are busy like they were last weekend, I find myself walking home late at night. On Sundays we can choose whether we want to come or not, but I nearly always have work to do. Last Sunday I had to go and take care of our experimental plants at Suwon in the morning, teach an English lesson and then go back to the lab at night to prepare a moderately enormous experiment for this week. Then it was Monday morning all of a sudden.

I generally don't mind working hard, but that means I get less time to hang around my old friends on the north side of the river. This photo is from a couple of weekends ago with Tae-Yang, me and Eric having a drink up in Hongdae. Back when I was a non-student, occasions like these were pleasantly more common.

These days, after a good 12 hours in the lab, I just find myself staring wistfully at the 70% ethanol spray that we use to sterilize the lab benches.