Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!


Duripara Paragliding is offering free rides to two members of the Koreabridge community who really want to experience the thrill of soaring above Busan
How to win one?
A) Make your case for why you want to go paragliding over Busan.  Your pitch can be posted below as a comment in the form of text, video, and/or photos. No limits on size or format - just impress us with your desire to fly and creativity. Korean and English entries accepted. 
B) Agree to post a write-up about your experience on Koreabridge after your flight. 
All entries are due by Oct. 7
The folks at Duripara and Koreabridge will evaluate the entries and select the winners by Oct. 9.


Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

Hi guys,

I just noticed your paragliding competition and decided to enter even though I have a fear of heights. I have always wanted to conquer this fear but the opportunity has never really arisen, until now that is. What better way to tackle my fear head on by being rewarded with a stunning adventure in the sky overlooking one of the most scenic cities in the world. Even if I do not win, I am looking for a way to overcome this fear, as we only live once and I don't want to live in fear anymore... I would also be delighted to write about my experience and have written many articles/blogs/ travel books over the past few years so I can assure you that it will be a very sufficient piece that I will compose. Now it is time to cross my fingers and toes and hopefully hear from you on October 9th...


All the best,


Kenneth Q.

Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

Hi Koreabridge!

This promotion looks  so cool!

I would love to be a part of this promotion!

Actually I have never done any activities related to sky before, because those looked a bit scary somehow.

but this, I've check the video clip, I think I can really enjoy it! It doesn't look scary at all!

so, I am hoping that I can get a chance to be the one of paragliding birds :p


I promise, If I can a free ride, I will sing a song while I fly around! haha


All the best!

Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!


I am new to Korea and rather this place has been my favourite now because of its scenic beauty, high mountains,beautiful rivers, this is the place where my adventure begins.....I have seen the video of Duripara Paragliding it is just amazing....if i get a chance to win a Free Flight I would love to fly like free bird in sky......


Thank you

Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!


Glad to know that there is contest for getting this deal....

I love to participate in contests, now this time is somewhat special because its my birthday month and really want to be winner and part of this thrill so that I can remember this event whole life...

We were planning to visit Busan for its beauty and adventures activities and if we would get this deal, it will add more fun in my bday month and nobody can say no to me doing paragliding (people feel it scary so always say no to do these kind of activities).

Now the time comes to show them..............that there is no limit of sky and i am lucky girl going to be part of this funnnnnnnn...yeeaah!!




Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

To a representative at Duripara Paragliding,

I read that you were looking for candidates to paraglide for free over Busan. Though I’m terrified of heights, I like being terrified, so I’d like to put my name into the hat.

The first thing you need to know is that I’ve been in Korea about one year, teaching English literature to students at a Christian school in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do.

It’s in the boonies. Since there isn’t a lot to do, I’ve gotten a fair amount of heavy thinking done, though – a week ago I finished my second treatise on the untapped potential of small Asian economies – but I’ve also gotten myself into some predicaments.

Yesterday, pausing my customary Saturday jog along the farm trail behind my apartment to admire the vista, I perceived a movement at my feet. I looked down and saw that it was a disgusting snake. I swore and shot off in a sprint toward my apartment, but as I turned a corner I saw nothing other than the disgusting snake’s bigger and more disgusting cousin, slithering into the ditch. Sufficiently terrified for my life, I screamed loudly in front of all the farmers in the fields around me, and doubled my efforts to reach my apartment as fast as possible.

If you interviewed some of those farmers, I think they’d tell you that though I’m a particularly skinny white boy, and have legs that aren’t so different from a girl’s, my scream is definitely manly – not one of those high-pitched girlish cries guys sometimes make that sound awful, but a nice deep yell. If I were to be selected to paraglide over Busan, and my take-off were filmed for publication on the Korea Bridge web site, I think my accompanying scream likely wouldn’t be one that would embarrass your company.

Other than my running journeys through farm fields, I’ve  enjoyed life here. My chief form of idleness is hanging out with friends, mostly other teachers at my school. Though we work at a Christian school, last year sometime, thank God, we began drinking alcohol. One night, a couple of us went to a German bar and ordered a pitcher of Somaek, which, I’m sure you know, is beer and soju mixed. Before anyone knew what was happening, another pitcher materialized. Suddenly, a host of Korean college students joined our table. Cigars were produced. In all corners of the table, English and Korean lessons were being exchanged. At one point, a Korean girl, seeing her boyfriend talking to our busty South African friend, swung her hand like an ax and smacked him a good one, sending his glasses to the floor. Later, we were informed they were no longer in a relationship.

So, yes. I like Korea. I’ve actually never made a trip down to Busan, though. It doesn’t seem unlikely, though, that I’d get a helluva first impression of the city if my first tour of it was done via paraglider, from the heavens. I imagine I could compose quite a write-up of my flight

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Danny S

Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

I have always wanted to give paragliding a go, and can honestly say thereś probably no better place to do in than in Korea.  Iḿ eager to see what it feels like to fly over the beaches and mountains of Busan, a city that Iǘe fallen in love with over the years.  Plus, I think I look pretty good as a paraglider (even if my head is photoshopped on a manś body.....)


Let's enjoy the sky!!!! Yay!!!


I am advanture lover.

Every summer I am trying to do something I've never done before.

I had went treking in Wadi Rum, and scuba diving in Dahab, and it was so amazing. 

I really enjoyed  having new experience with new people I just met there.


But this year, I couldnt do anything. I feel so sad for it and even feel stuffy.

I need to refresh myself by taking absolutely fresh air! By a paragliding!!!

I am so happy to know Duripara, and I want to have my first try with you in Korea.

While I'm living in Busan, I don't know how the city looks like.. I've been seeing buildings and streets, but I've never seen a whole picture. 

I've been  always dreaming of looking down a whole scenery from the sky.

Besides, this weather is awesome to fly!!!


I wish this free rides could show me the whole picture of Busan city, and make me feel the ultimate thrill. Also this chance could guide me the way to be close to  Duripara.


Re: Win a Free Flight over Busan with Duripara Paragliding!

...and the Envelope Please....

The two entrants who will receive free paragliding rides over Busan are...




Congrats to both of you - we will be in touch soon about how to claim your prize. 

Thanks again to everyone who posted comments and thanks to Duripara for sponsoring this contest.
Stay tuned to Koreabridge for more contests in the future.