Uber Seoul: Get a Free Luxury Taxi Ride

What is Uber?

Uber is a smartphone app that allows you to request a ride in Seoul with the tap of a button. Drivers arrive curbside in just minutes, you can track the arrival of your ride on your phone, and payment is charged directly to your credit card on file.

So in a nutshell, it’s a simple, elegant, and fun way to call a taxi. Instead of waiting on the phone to request a call taxi in Korea, you can call a car with a push of a button from your smartphone.

Best of all, you get to cruise around in some amazing high end cars. With Uber Seoul, your next taxi ride will be in an Equus, Mercedes S Class, or Maserati Ghilbi!

The Uber Experience

Imagine this scene.

You’re out with your friends, family, or significant other for a night on the town. You’re in a busy part of the city, finishing up a meal at your favorite restaurant. As you hear the rain coming down outside, you wonder how you’ll get home. Half of the restaurant are on their phones, trying to schedule a taxi to pick them up. The other half are preparing for a mad dash to the main road to flag down a taxi. You wonder which group you’ll be in, especially since no one from your group has brought an umbrella.

Not looking good.

Then you remember the 20,000 won free ride you have on your Uber account. You open your app, and see that there is an Uber Black car minutes away. After you hit the button to request the car, you receive a phone call from the driver. He confirms your location and lets you know that he will be there within ten minutes.

After hanging up, you look down at your Uber app, and notice that you can track the location of the Uber car coming to get you, as well as the estimated remaining time. A few minutes later, the driver calls again, to let you know that he is outside. You casually walk to the register, pay your restaurant bill, and walk outside.

There is a large Equus waiting outside to pick you up. The driver is professional dressed and opens the car doors for both you and your fellow guest. Inside the roomy interior are two bottles of water in the center console waiting for you, a well as light classical music playing in the background. The driver confirms your destination on the navigation system, and off you go.

After leaning back in the plush heated leather seats, you adjust the radio volume from the controls in the center console. You’re not in a classical mood, so you switch over to some jazz. You adjust the recline button to lay back even further in your seat, glance outside, and wonder how you missed out on Uber for so long.

Once you reach your destination, the taxi driver opens the door for you and your guest to let you out. He bids you farewell, and you head inside. No money is exchanged. Instead, moments later you get an email with the ride and fare summary. Your ride was 11,000 won. Normally this would be charged directly to your credit card. But since you have a first ride Uber credit for up to 20,000 won, you got this ride for free.

This was the experience from a team member here at 90 Day Korean. We love this service, so we want to pass on the good news to you!

UberX vs. Uber Black

Uber is rapidly expanding in cities all over the world. Currently Uber Seoul offers two services: UberX and Uber Black.

UberX is when a standard car comes to pick you up. This is similar to taking a taxi in Seoul.

Uber Black is the VIP, high class, roll like a 사장님 (boss) experience that picks you up in a luxury car. The cars available in Seoul are Equus, Mercedes Benz, and Maserati.

The free ride is for Uber Black only.

How Much Is an Uber Seoul Ride?

The Uber Seoul smartphone application contains a quote system, so you can get an estimate of how much your ride will cost. Typically it’s around the same as the black (모범) taxis in Seoul. Or another estimate is about 1.5x what it costs for a standard Seoul taxi.

How Many People Can Ride in a Car?

Each Uber Seoul car can accommodate up to 4 people.

How Do I Choose The Car I Want?

You are given the car that is closest to your location, so it is not possible to select the car type.

My Free Ride

Your first Uber Black ride is free up to 20,000 won if you use the 90 Day Korean Promotion code and you are a new user.

Promotion Code: 90DKUBER

If your first ride exceeds 20,000 won, the remaining amount will be billed to your credit card.

How to Get Started

1. Download Uber app for iOS or Android

2. Sign up and verify mobile number (SMS verification)

3. Enter promo code: 90DKUBER

4. Get 20K off your first ride (new users only)

5. Request pickup and enjoy your ride in an Equus, Mercedes, or Maserati!

Questions? Email [email protected].

Uber Seoul Korean Expressions

English 한국어 (Korean)
Hello? (on the phone) 여보세요?
I’ll give you the address of where I am 지금 있는 주소 알려 줄게요
In about how long will you arrive? 언제쯤 올거예요?
I’ll give you my destination address 목적지 주소 알려 줄게요
Please turn on the music 음악 켜 주세요
Please turn off the music 음악 꺼 주세요
Please turn down the music 음악 소리 낮춰 주세요
Please turn up the music 음악 소리 크게 해 주세요
Please stop here 여기서 세워 주세요

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