Top posts of 2009

Not quite a direct copy of Brian in Jeollanam-do or Hermit Hideaways (both excellent blogs), but below are the top posts of 2009, according to the various stats that Google Analytics offers:

1. The home page (the one you see when you type

Not too surprised at the list for the most part - opinion / commentary pieces are more commonly linked to than travel pieces. Prominent bloggers (hat tip to the Marmot) made up a good percentage of hits, especially on #2, #3, and #8. #5 was a source for ATEK's 'English Teacher's Guide to Korea' while their website had issues. #6 was republished multiple times, and currently has the longest comment thread. #9 is one of the few that still gets significant traffic as an archived piece., while #10 was linked to a case taken to the Court of Popular Opinion (er, Facebook).

Thank you readers - 2009 was a wonderful year, and I look forward to plenty more traveling and writing in 2010!

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