Top 3 Must-Have Korean Beauty Products For Your Summer Adventures

Those of you who want to hit the waves in Busan or go kayaking on the waters of Jeju Island this summer can put away your concerns about keeping your looks clean and cool.

Here we bring you 3 hot Korean beauty products that will protect your skin and keep it radiant this summer.

1. Forencos ‘7 Days Mask’

Forecos 7days mask (1) Forecos 7days mask (2) Forecos 7days mask (3)

7 Days Mask‘, or referred to as ‘Song Joong-ki 7 Days Mask’, is the latest beauty product released by Forencos, a relatively little-known Korean beauty brand that rose as one of the dominant players in the cosmetics sector after releasing this package of special mask sheets.

Currently, Song Joong-ki, the lead actor from the popular Korean drama called “Descendants of the Sun” whose fan base is enormous is modeling for ‘7 Days Mask’. Just because its model is the famous and popular celeb doesn’t mean the product is not effective.

As you have noticed from the name, ‘7 Days Mask’ consists of 7 sheet masks, each featuring 7 types of natural ingredients on each mask. With three more added, the package comes with 10 sheet masks and costs 30,000 KRW.

2. Gram ‘Double Chemi BanBan Pack’

Gram Banban Pack (2) Gram Banban Pack (2) Gram Banban Pack (1) Gram Banban Pack (1)

This ‘BanBan Double Chemi Pack will save your face from getting oily this summer. It is a face pack with two different features: T-zone Pore Pack and U-zone Moisturizing Pack.

The green-colored pack is the T-zone Pore Pack and it includes volcanic ash clay, green tea extract, lemon balm and applemint extract that control sebum on the T-zone area, preventing excessive oil on your face.

The U-zone Moisturizing Pack, which is in orange, contains premium pumpkin extract and sweet almond oil. This pack is rich in nutrients and moisture and it is effective in tightening pores.

3. O Hui ‘Perfect Sun Water Span’

790581270O Hui’s ‘Perfect Sun Water Span‘ is a new type of UV protective compact foundation that comes in a new container made of spandex, which keeps the foundation moist all the time.

The foundation itself is made from a lily extract which makes your skin glow and supple. Since it’s sweat-proof, it is the perfect foundation you must buy for your summer.

The ‘Perfect Sun Water Span’ costs 40,000 KRW.

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