Top 13 Funny Psy Dance Moves from ‘Daddy’

He’s back.

Psy is the king of funny dance moves and his new song, “Daddy,” is filled with more than a few funny new twists that make you laugh out loud, whether you’re a Kpop fan or not!

In an appearance at Oxford University, Psy told the audience that his past five dance moves were all considered classics in Korea, and with these 13 new moves we’re pretty sure he’ll add a few new ones to the list.

Here, we count down the top 13 funny Psy dance moves from “Daddy” (feat. CL of 2NE1) and we’ve given them fitting names to boot.

Think you can handle it? Let’s do this!

13. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Side Kick Wiggle’

The Side Kick Wiggle psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

We kick things off with a dance move we simply call the ‘Side Kick Wiggle.’ There’s a little bit of side kick, and just enough wiggle. The moustache and outfit only add to it, and the cocky facial expression tops it all off!

12. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Cocky Confetti Combover’

The Cocky Confetti Combover psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

We’ve found the recipe for swag. It’s as easy as gold teeth + mullet combover + green suit —  all whilst giving a cocky hand gesture and sticking out your tongue like you don’t care! 1 point for Daddy Psy.

11. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Wooly Mamba’

The Wooly Mamba psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

We’ve called this move the ‘Wooly Mamba’ and no one could pull this one off quite like Psy does. There’s too much going on here to even comprehend, but one thing we know is that there is just the right amount of chest hair!

10. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Flappy Bird’

The flappy bird psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Sometimes you just need to rock the sunglasses and flap your wings like an injured ostrich. Boss.

9. Psy Dance Move: Switch Leap Swag

switch leap swag psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Look at that grace! Psy pulls of this switch leap with just the right amount of swag, staring into the camera as if to say “nailed it.”

8. Psy Dance Move: The Lying Triple Fist Pump

The lying triple fist pump psy dance

Three generations of fist pump with probably the happiest facial expressions ever made. They’re just happy to be here.

7. Psy Dance Move: The Ajeossi Power Spin Move

The Ajeossi Power Spin Move psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Ajeossi Psy clears the dance floor with this power spin move reminiscent of Jim Carrey in “The Mask.”

6. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Baby Michael Jackson’

The Baby Michael Jackson psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Psy’s face superimposed on a child as he pulls of these Michael Jackson-esque moves is more than enough to make us giggle (along with his classmates in the background).

5. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Crazy Crayfish’

The Crazy Crayfish psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

We’ve named this one the ‘Crazy Crayfish’ and its so contagious he’s got everyone else dancing along with him!

4. Psy Dance Move: So Into it

Likes it Too Much psy dance move from daddy

There’s just not enough that can be said about how into this move Daddy Psy on the left is. Just look at that face as he stares down the camera.

3. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Spank That’

The Spank That psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

To top the “Gangnam Style” dance, you’ve got to really bring it. With this move, Psy has shown he’s up for the challenge. The force in which he throws down this move is enough to make us wonder if no one was injured on the making of this video!

2. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Night at the Roxbury’

The Night at the Roxbury psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Night at the Roxbury anyone? Sans oversized cell phones, the trio pulls this move off to perfection, with the edge going to baby Psy for just how happy he looks.

1. Psy Dance Move: The ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’

Whos Your Daddy 2 psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

Whos Your Daddy psy dance move from daddy feat CL from 2NE1

With this move coming in at number on our list, Psy seals the deal with this dance move we’ve rightfully named the ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Psy proves he’s the king of cheesy dance moves and has forever won us over with this one. The amount of skill it must take to pull off this joint-busting boogie is mind-blowing. Touché, Psy.

It was certainly hard to choose a favorite amongst these crazy dance manoeuvers, but we hope we’ve done it justice. Psy’s dance moves in “Daddy” are sure to go down in the history books. Now that you’ve learned all the dance moves, if you’re in the mood want to learn some of the lyrics to the song in Korean, you can learn them all as we count down the Top 19 Lyrics from Psy’s Daddy.

What do you think, do you agree with our list? What is your favorite Psy dance move from “Daddy?”


Note: All image credits from Psy (Park Jae-sang) and Yg Entertainment, School Boy and Republic.

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