"Togethership with Kolleen Park" Open Art Contest

The Artpoli group has put together their first art contest on their website. Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam & Artpoli hold the [Togethership with Kolleen Park – Open Art Contest] sponsored by Shinhan Bank. In this smart and social art event, artists apply works online at Artpoli, and popular works voted by viewers will be exhibited offline at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam.

Who is Kolleen Park?
If you are like me and generally in the dark about just who Kolleen Park is well let me give you some information. First off, do you remember this video of many famous Korean folks singing the "Nella Fantasia"?

Well that is her conducting for the group and who trained them to be able to perform like that. She really got involved in this project and became famous for her dedication. In the article, "[Coffee Break Bio] (@kolleen22) Lives for the moment of performance", written for the KoreanUpdates website it states:
One of her responsibilities includes staying as close to the original production as possible. The score has each movement of each actor written out, but Park insists performance is organic. “When you translate English to Korean, there are subtle changes that need to be made, such as where to put an emphasis and how. All of the music, tempo and the feeling should harmonize comfortably on stage to move the audience,” she says.
As you can see she is a special lady and probably a mentor and role model out there to young women hoping to do something meaningful with their musical talents in the future. So why not participate in Artpoli's contest?

- Celebrating the opening of Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam, Shinhan Bank visually shows its new direction in  supporting art and wants to establish the new gallery as a proactive and multi-purpose art space.
- Broaden the enjoyment of art, using modern technologies like online social media and smartphones.
- Provide opportunities for many artists to show their work with online submission.
- Let many people enjoy art with a subject matter that can resonate.
- Shinhan Bank, the leading financial institution, collaborates with Artpoli, a small and experimental startup.

Where and How to Participate:
  • Visit the contest site and vote: Check out the contest page. Click "추천" and your vote will be tallied. 
  • The subject should be Kolleen Park, musical director.
  •  Please refer to photos and videos from Shinhan Bank’s commercials, which feature Kolleen Park. Basing your work on other photos on the Internet may infringe the copyright of the holder.
  • Any size is welcome, from very small up to 2-meter high. The gallery can accommodate large sizes.
  •  Any media, material or style is fine.
  • You can submit as many works as you like.
  • Submit works at http://www.artpoli.com/contests/1/ (You need to sign up as an Artpoli member, and apply for an artist membership.)
  • The faster you submit your works, the more chance of being voted for. Move fast!
Vote Online!

Event & Schedule Information:
  • Selection of works for offline exhibition: To be announced on April 14th. - Popular works, based on number of votes by viewers, will be selected.
  • The administrators may exclude works not appropriate for the nature of the exhibition.
  • Offline exhibition: April 28 - June 15, Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam (Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm)
  •  Opening event: April 28, Time to be announced.
    - Kolleen Park will join.
    - Instant portrait event.
  •  Vote for works (offline): April 28 - June 15
    - Please recommend works you like at the offline exhibition.
  •   Award of Works and Artists
    - Most popular artists at online and offline events (Select 2 artists, 1 based on the total votes received online and the other offline): Opportunities of invited exhibition at Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam next year
    - Kolleen Park will select some works and give awards.
    - Viewer participation awards: Select 100 people, who participated by voting, commenting, and sharing. Awards will be given.

Special Program
  •  Learn portrait art - Scheduled at 2pm on May 14, 28 
  • Select 20-30 people who have voted for works. (Family can be accompanied.) 
  • How to apply will be announced later.

  • Entry fee is free. 
  • Publicity of Kolleen Park may not be used for any other purpose than creating a work for this event. 
  • Submitted works may not be sold until after the exhibition.  
  • The submitted art works can be purchased at Artpoli.com after the exhibition.

More info:

Get involved!