Things I Love Thursday – Interactions with Animals in the Wild

At home in New Zealand we have a garden. Through laziness or temperament my father lets the trees and plants grow wild, cutting only the grass necessary to allow access to the trampoline and washing-line. This results in urban chaos. Our two cats love the unhindered branches, damp soil and dark nooks for hiding. Birds nest in the trees, sing by the windows and gobble the plethora of fruit. It is a paradise the neighbors are less fond of.

A New Zealand Tui bird sitting upon a flax bush 

Sunday’s were spent on the disintegrating wooden table with my father, drinking tea with a newspaper and refreshing my senses with nature.

Watch this video on YouTube.

It’s such a precious experience to witness animals living in their natural habitat. I savor the moments I have to sit and enjoy a garden, brook or ocean. I find it humbling. It provides time to relax and evaluate what’s important in life.

Make time to listen to the birds, watch spring babies with their mothers, or feel the rough exterior of a pumpkin. You will privy to the most precious moments of life.

One moment I’d like to share, occurred last year when I was in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni more commonly called the Salt Flats. While walking and enjoying the view I was approached by a donkey. He was so curious he strolled towards me to introduce himself. He let me stroke him and then followed me back to my cabin. A beautiful moment I still recall with fondness. I’m sure you have many of your own.

Watch this video on YouTube.
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