Suwon's Hwaseong fortress - or - take that, Robert Koehler!

Robert Koehler inspires me. His recently-started travelog features some gorgeous photos of some well-known Korean destinations give me something to work toward. Definitely a source of travel ideas if you're looking for some more places to check out. Oh, and the Marmot's Hole has me beat on Alexa's web-ranking service (one of the only K-blogs that I've seen in the top 50,000)

Although my evening was cut short by a malfunctioning camera, I was able to get a few shots of Hwaseong Fortress at night. Since I've already covered the area, it's time to stop typing and start enjoying the photos:

Welcome to Paldalmun - the first gate most tourists will see, and an element of the city that's hard to overlook.

And this is when my camera began to mess up. The first serious problem with it in over a year, and it ended up costing 80,000 won (needed a new shutterbox or somesuch).

Robert, keep up the good work. The rest of you, get out there and travel.

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