Stories from Korea Ep. 1: Lost and Found

This month marks 3 years of living in Korea. I cant believe how quickly the years have gone by! When I think in years, it doesn’t seem like that much time has actually passed. When I think of my first day in Korea–arriving in Seoul around 5am on a Saturday, people still partying from the night before outside of my officetel, not knowing a word of korean, grabbing the only thing that seemed familiar to eat(cup ramyeon)–all of that seems like forever ago. So much has happened since then, and I’m so glad we have our videos to look back on and remember the things we’ve experienced in Korea.

But the videos we’ve made are only a sliver, a small peek into our lives here. We’ve never made videos on a regular schedule, so there are a lot of things we’ve never shared with you! One of the things about living abroad that’s simultaneously a curse and a blessing is that doing small chores and errands can easily and often do turn into an adventure. Going to the post office suddenly becomes a minefield of new vocabulary and phrases in Korean that you never heard before during any previous trips to the post office, and you walk away having little confidence that your package will reach its intended destination! On the other hand, some days, a mundane task like a trip to the bank can turn into a free coffee, candy, and more help than you ever imagined getting from an enthusiastic bank employee. Life can be pretty unpredictable as an expat, and it makes for some GREAT stories!

We simply want to share these stories from our lives with you. Some stories may be old ones we want to preserve in a video, and some, like today’s video, may be spontaneous and current. We hope that you enjoy them and that they give you a unique insight into our lives as expats in Korea.

Until next time!

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