South Korea Trip- Tongyeong 통영

Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Busan to Tongyeong in South Korea. The trip in total was 295 kms. I rode the #14 highway from Busan to Tongyeong. On the trip I checked out an undersea tunnel, the famous turtle ship, historic government buildings and many other sites in the city. Each video is a one day trip. I start the day with no plan other than a final destination. By the end of the day I have compiled 2-4 hours of footage on two cameras. I then cut that footage into the five minute video you see here. The video features creative commons music by Diablo Swing Orchestra- The butcher’s Ballroom featured on I have changed the look of the blog and video. Enjoy the video! Cheers, Jeff "A couple shots of the sunset"