South Korea bound…


Two friends, four weeks, one epic motorcycle adventure across South Korea!  


The land of the morning calm, South Korea, still very untouched and unknown by the western world, yet rich with unique beauty, ancient culture, feisty food and untamed adventure.  From the futuristic metropolis of Seoul, to the volcanic craters of Jeju, join Adrian and Ryan on their motorcycle journey, as they camp, scuba dive, hike, fly and explore Korea’s mystical history, diverse culture, and natural beauty.

University friends, Ryan and Adrian, have over a decade of motorcycle experience between them and both will bring essential skills to this month long trip. Adrian’s personal experience and knowledge of Korean culture is a fantastic foundation.  He spent two years teaching English in Korea and has developed his own personal guide book of amazing places and contacts. Ryan’s background as a videographer brings the technical know-how and can-do attitude to documenting this adventure. With a series of rugged sport cameras and top of the line DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) camera, he’ll make sure every worthy moment is captured behind the lens.

Along the way, Adrian and Ryan will have to deal with bike breakdowns, treacherous mountain passes, chaotic traffic, bustling cities, spontaneity of the elements, and of course the guarantee of getting lost. But these obstacles will only add to the adventure and ensure that surprises are always around the next corner. 

2 friends, 4 weeks, 1 epic motorcycle adventure across South Korea!