SMILE surgery - your optimal choice for Laser Vision Correction in summer!



ReLEx SMILE - is a minimally invasive laser vision correction surgery that can correct myopia and astigmatism up to -9 diopters.

What is so special about SMILE?

First of all, there is no need of a flap formation, femto laser only proceeds with a micro-incision of 1.7 mm after lenticular disc is formed. Therefore, cornea receives minimum damage and becomes stronger to external factors after recovery, as well as recovery process itself is very fast.

Basically, the patient can get back to work and everyday life activities already on the next day, and get back to sports and extreme activities within 1 week.

Did you know that BGN Eye Hospital does 3 types of ReLEx SMILE surgery?


Let`s learn more about all three types.

BGN SMILE is a basic ReLEx SMILE surgery that includes lenticular disc formation with femto laser and it`s minimum invasive extraction through 1.7 mm incision.

TRIPLE SMILE - is a ReLEx SMILE procedure with corneal strengthening.

Cornea strengthening or cross-linking strengthens the collagen fibers in the cornea and makes it sturdier by 150%. TRIPLE SMILE is highly recommended for patients with thin cornea or irregular corneal shape as it prevents cornea cells changes and secondary vision decrease.

Worried about dry eye syndrome after surgery? Then Quatro SMILE is your best choice!

Quatro SMILE - is a complex solution for myopia and astigmatism correction that includes BGN SMILE surgery, cross-linking cornea strengthening and unique customized dry eye treatment program.

BGN Eye Hospital Dry Eye treatment program includes PRP plasma eye drops, healon eye drops and warm compress treatment.

Wish to get rid of your glasses but not sure if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction, or what type of surgery would be the best for you?

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After a comprehensive examination we will recommend customized laser vision correction solution for each patient.

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