Should Jeju Build An Underwater Train Tunnel To Solve Flight Problems?

After high winds & the biggest snowfall in three decades canceled flights & stranded thousands of passengers at Jeju’s only airport in January, an old but still untested idea resurfaced. Could problems related to weather delays & increasing travel to Jeju Island be solved by an underwater train tunnel? Korea FM spoke with Kojects construction & urban development writer Nikola Medimorec & Jeju Tourism Organization representative James Shin to find out.

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It won't solve the problem for international flights, and I'd also be concerned about the lack of management and dangerous overcrowding commonly seen at busy times on transportation.

Good points. However, the majority of tourists to Jeju are Korean and come from the mainland, so having a train tunnel would be geared for those travelers.

I get that. My overcrowding point is based upon being on Korean transport with Koreans.

France-UK have the Channel Tunel, why S.Korean can't. And it will increase de tourism in Mokpo and nearby towns.