Running for fun? Who knew!


I’m not sure how it all happened exactly. I think earlier in the year I realized my body was slowly slowing down. The knees were getting creaky and my metabolism was starting to slowly dip. Needless to say, it was really Matt and Dave who inspired me to start… I thought them insane for a while. 
I would like to say I love running, the feel of muscle straining to push my body forward, the sweat making me realize how much more I am pushing myself physically and mentally… But those moments only last seconds. I still fear waking up early in the morning to go. The’s always the start that’s the hardest, as well as the protests my body gives while cramping in indignation. 
After training for a few weeks, running in the morning and what not  I headed out to the 5th Yeongnam Ilbo National Half Marathon/10K/5K! The race itself was kinda funny, because I was so hardcore and competitive with myself while students around me horsed around and would dash until exhausted, chill for a few months on an empty bus bench and then jump right back into the race. I was surprised with my time and happy I pushed myself to do it ♥



 Daegu Stadium is a trek to get to, but the air is so much cleaner and you are surrounded by mountains. It was one of the host venues of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the main stadium for the 2003 Summer Universiade and the main venue of the 2011 World Championships in Athletics. It is the home stadium for Daegu FC of the Korea Professional Soccer League (K-League). 

Getting in some stretches with the MC before the start of the race. 

I couldn’t help it…I did take a picture while running. 

Nothing like rice cake seaweed soup to fill you right up after the race. It was pretty great! 

Is that a free beer stand I see??? And is that guy refilling his water bottle with beer?? Yes, he is. Oh Korea ^_^ 

Victory pose : 30 minutes 7 seconds

I love the juxtaposition – a farm next to this state of the art stadium.

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