Question: Gay DVD Bangs

Question from a reader:

I was wondering if you could go into more detail about those gay DVD rooms in Jongro. I have heard they are used as pick up and cruising spots for some NSA fun. But I don't see how they could considering DVD rooms are meant to be private. Any input would be great! 

Yes, there are DVD Bangs in Seoul for gay action. At first, I was thinking I've never been to one so I asked a friend to describe one to me. Unlike straight DVD rooms, they have mini-theaters playing porn. Like a straight DVD Bang, there are rooms where people fuck; at gay DVD rooms, however, this is probably sex with strangers. The entry fee is minimal (maybe around five to ten thousand won) and condoms are provided.

After hearing this description, I do remember a visit way back in 2010. My first boyfriend and I were in northern Seoul and extremely horny. He knew where we could have sex, so we paid the entrance fee and had sex on a bed in a locked room. Since the bed looked a bit dirty, our sex was quite acrobatic. That was quite the afternoon delight...

So, there you have it! Most of the gay DVD rooms are in Jongno. If you want to visit one, check out Seoul's pink map.