Queer Links from the Week: Data looking at homosexuality in Korea, Man Convicted for Attempted Rape of Lesbian Woman, Zico Apologizes for Homophobic Lyric

Peter Fairfax argues that data suggests attitudes are slowly changing in terms of homophobia in South Korea using the World Values survey as well as some interviews with LGBT people in Korea. (I am curious, though, that he argues that Americans have become increasingly tolerant of homosexuals as neighbors while Korean numbers have been stagnant even though both figures look liked there is no statistical difference across the time period... I should really check out that data).

An SNU student also used a survey to argue that in South Korea 70% of young gay men are not out to their parents, but I would imagine the numbers are even higher due to selection bias (talking to people who are out to themselves / willing to talk about their sexuality in a survey are probably more likely to be out to their parents).

The creepiest news this week concerns a man in his 40s pretending to be a lesbian and finding women on smart phone apps. Luckily, he was caught and was tried and convicted for attempted rape (Korean). I'll make sure I write a full blog entry on this news story.

Kim Jho Gwang-su and His Husband

In pop culture, rapper Zico apologizes for 'faggot' lyric. Well, more accurately his label apologized. Finally, Kim Jho Gwang-su gives an interview about Stranger By the Lake over at MovieJay (Korean).