Props to The Korea Times For Its Donation to Youth

THIS is How to Address the English Education Issue of Young Learners
This article was just published. Usually, the Seoul Gyopo Guide spends time criticizing English versions of Korean newspapers. However, it isn’t just to take idle shots at the newspapers just for fun. So, when there is story of a Korean newspaper doing good, it is fair play to comment on that as well.

This is a quote from the article:

The agreement is designed to provide copies of The Korea Times to students from low-income households so they have the opportunity to enhance their English skills in an effort to help reduce disparities in English education.

“Reading English newspapers is a good tool to study the language, but it is not easy for students from low-income families to subscribe. So we will encourage donations from companies, local authorities, government agencies or alumni associations, so that those students can read the paper for free,” Bae said.

“The gap between the poor and the rich has brought polarization in education, especially in English learning. Through donations E-NIE will help reduce the gap, offering exposure to written English material to students who cannot develop their language skills due to financial difficulty despite their potential.”

The Lost Seoul couldn’t agree more. Banning English kindergartens is not the way to level the playing field. This is. ’nuff said.