Physical Therapy in Korea



So as some of you know, the lady hero of this blog (aka me), was stupidly injured during a warm-up of Insanity. That’s right.. Insanity. Insanity is insane, and I literally got hurt doing the first day of warm-ups. That thing is ka-razy. Don’t believe me? Then do the 60 day challenge and prove me wrong while looking super beastly. Anywho, that’s why I couldn’t really do the 10K I had been training to do. So needless to say, I headed over to Saemyung Hospital, which was recommended by my coworker as being a great hospital for bones. Here is the address for those interested:

세명병원 Saemyung Hospital

606-6, Bongdeok 1(il)-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu ,Korea 
TEL : +82-53-470-1000

I spoke to the CEO of the hospital, who spoke English. He checked both knees, and unfortunately in testing my right knee, it was clear that it was weak. When he pressed down, it started to ache pretty badly. Ouch! He prescribed some meds, and 3 weeks of physical therapy. I headed upstairs to the Physical Therapy ward and here is what followed:

 What was it like?

Hospital in Korea - Knee Pain & Physical Therapy

Korea orthopedic physical therapy

  1. The ward is a shared space divided by make-shift walls. Mostly athletes exercise in the gym, they are high school and uni students. 
  2. My achy knee was placed under some really really hot towels and compress…it felt amazing.
  3. I was hooked up to some tingling electric things.
  4. The various numbers of the first machine.
  5. The session ended with some goo on my knee while a nurse massaged more electric currents on my knee.
  6. That’s the last machine- note it’s programmed to 1, which is Pain Acute

After the session, my aching knee felt better. I’ve gone back and received similar treatments. They change slightly but so far so good!