Performance: Shakespeare and @ssholes – OR – A Saturday night in Itaewon

If you live in Itaewon, this might be a totally normal weekend.

I don’t, however – in fact, I’m close to 1 1/2 hours away when you factor in waiting for the buses and such. For better or worse, the foreigner-friendly area serves as a special occasion sort of destination, not a place to party all weekend. Sometimes, though, you start out attending A, then hear about B, C, and D.

The Seoul Shakespeare Company is the same core of people as the Actors without Barders – just with a name that’s more likely to be understood the first time you hear it. This weekend’s event was a relaunching party to get their new name out, complete with business cards, t-shirts, and all the networking you can handle. The Berlin Bar served as an easy place to find – and oh yes, name-brand alcohol to drink with soft drinks or fruit drinks, that’s always nice.

While not every performer had a Shakespeare theme, Jennifer Waescher (above) got the crowd listening to her easy-listening style of music.

Before long, of course, it was time for Shakespeare! Michael Downey performed an excellent monologue with a proper accent.

Charles Jeong – a reminder that it’s not just the foreigners inspired by the master wordsmith.

Cael Anton and an eclectic mix of electric guitar, bucket, tambourine, and a looping machine. Despite being the only performer on-stage, he deftly created tracks on-the-fly, looped them, then started playing guitar. It’s been done before, but it’s a reminder of how many different applications technology can have – and a reminder not to pigeonhole someone as ‘just’ a one-dimensional creative person.

Between performers, I enjoyed the candlelight on a nearby table, and how the window seemingly carried the reflection out of the restaurant.

The show must go on, of course, and I went with some of the crowd to Roofers and the Total Assholes (AKA Total @ssholes). To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when the high-energy octet took the stage – once the sound check was over, however, the energy got cranked up to 11.

Self-described as “Seoul’s only publicly traded epic party anthem ensemble”, the Total Assholes played a little bit of 80′s, 90′s, and stuff made popular this year as well. Both of the lead singers sang well both in either solo or duet mode.

Grace, AKA “Squeaky” on the sax – the other gentleman doubled as both guitarist and saxophonist.


The bassist making it look easy.

For more on the Seoul Shakespeare Company, check out For more on the Total Assholes, check out their Facebook page.


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