Out of rage

I've been trying to buy some baby items from SEVERAL top Korean website, which is non-GMarket.
Some international brand names, which is economical to us, rather than going from one physical malls to another.

However, just because I'm a foreigner... MOST Korean website is not foreigner friendly at all!
I've got every information they need: alien card, purchasing card, address and even contact number.. but after filling up everything..... it came out like this:

Translation : Blindness require authentication (As per google translate)
*correct me if I am wrong, here.

"You don't want money is it?"

Sigh.. I guess what some foreigner said are true....


Re: Out of rage

I totally agree that korean websites overdo things and make simple tasks difficult. However it says you need to prove who you are. I have no idea what that entails