"Oh, shit!"

Lately there have been a plethora of students saying "oh, shit!" I have no idea where they are getting it from. There must be a video game or popular TV show or perhaps even a kpop song with the infamous "oh, shit." Usually, me telling the student once (very sternly) that it's a bad word in English and not to use it again is enough. 

You'd think they were saying 'aisht' which is the somewhat equivalent Korean (I think?). Oh, no, these are very clear 'oh, shit's and well enunciated. In fact, I would  be tempted to praise their accent if they weren't cursing. 

My revenge: 
Write: "I will not say bad words in class" 10 times...and have their mother (or available guardian) sign it. Everyday that goes by without a signature they have to do it again at lunch. I have yet to have a student have to write a paper more than 3 times before they realize that I mean business. (Why none of them think of forging their parents' signatures is beyond me. It's not like I could tell the difference, being hardly literate and all and completely unable to decipher Korean signatures.)

Sometimes I wish I was teaching university students (or private lessons) so I really could do a class on swearing and how to say inappropriate things. 

Life Spaz- 
Today's lunch at school was ddokbokki, normally one of my favorite Korean rice cake dishes. They took a perfectly good, traditional Korean recipe and added a bunch of stringy cheese. In 20 years, there will be cheese in every Korean dish and I will be allergic to it all. I tried to fill up on the rice, soup, acorn jelly, and kimchi but was nice and light headed by the time I left school. Of course, that could have been from the paint fumes of whatever they are renovating on the first and second floors....