Oh the joys of being illiterate

Friday afternoon I got an electric bill for 88,000 won (68 USD) and an official notice that looked suspiciously angry. I was confused since my electric bill is generally around 13,000 won (11 USD). I shrugged and got my co-teacher to look at it today. The company is claiming that I haven't paid my electric bill in three months and as such are threatening to shut off my power on the 15th if they haven't received payment. Which is nuts, of course I've paid my bill. Thank god I saved all of the bank receipts because when we called them just now they said that the computer has no record of my payments. Tomorrow I have to bring in all of my bank records, call them and then fax them over. What a nightmare.

Meanwhile I always feel guilty asking for help with things that I should be able to take care of on my own. It's just that the bills are so confusing with so many words that I don't know and trying to speak on the phone with someone who will shoot rapid fire questions in Korean is a bit daunting. I can ask where you are going for Chuseok but not 'I paid this what is going on?' And even if I could, I probably wouldn't understand the answers. My co-teacher doesn't mind helping me, the same way I don't mind checking over longer English documents for her but it still sucks that I can't manage on my own.

Spaz update: My toe still hurts like crazy even though there is no bruising or swelling. I'm considering going to the doctor but I would feel like such a moron. Hi, I stubbed my toe and it hurts. How? Oh, I walked into my bookcase. And honestly, it's not like there is some medical miracle for curing particularly stubborn cases of stubbed toes.